Visuddhimagga XIV-135

460. Cetayatīti cetanā. Abhisandahatīti attho. Sā cetanābhāvalakkhaṇā, āyūhanarasā, saṃvidahanapaccupaṭṭhānā sakiccaparakiccasādhikā jeṭṭhasissamahāvaḍḍhakīādayo viya.
Ñ(XIV,135): (ii) It wills (cetayati), thus it is volition (cetanā); it collects, is the meaning. Its characteristic is the state of willing. Its function is to accumulate. It is manifested as coordinating. It accomplish its own and others' functions, as a senior pupil, a head carpenter, etc., do.

Accāyikakammānussaraṇādīsu ca panāyaṃ sampayuttānaṃ ussahanabhāvena pavattamānā pākaṭā hoti.
显然的,此思是在于思维紧急的业务等,令相应的(心、心所)共同努力而起的。[PTS 464]
Ñ: But it is evident when it occurs in the marshalling (driving) of associated states in connexion with urgent work, remembering, and so on. [464]

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