Visuddhimagga XIV-132

Te abhisaṅkharaṇalakkhaṇā, āyūhanarasā, vipphārapaccupaṭṭhānā, sesakhandhattayapadaṭṭhānā.
Ñ(XIV,132): They have the characteristic of forming. Their function is to accumulate. They are manifested as intervening. Their proximate cause is the remaining three [immaterial] aggregates.

Evaṃ lakkhaṇādito ekavidhāpi ca jātivasena tividhā kusalā, akusalā, abyākatāti.
Ñ: So according to characteristic, etc., they are singlefold. And according to kind they are threefold, namely, (I) profitable, (II) unprofitable, and (III) indeterminate.

Tesu kusalaviññāṇasampayuttā kusalā.
Ñ: As regards these, when associated with profitable consciousness they are profitable,

Akusalasampayuttā akusalā.
Ñ: when associated with unprofitable consciousness they are unprofitable,

Abyākatasampayuttā abyākatā.
Ñ: when associated with indeterminate consciousness they are indeterminate.

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