Visuddhimagga XIV-126

Sā pana vedayitalakkhaṇena sabhāvato ekavidhāpi jātivasena tividhā hoti kusalā, akusalā, abyākatā cāti.
Ñ(XIV,126): But though it is singlefold according to its individual essence as the characteristic of being felt, it is nevertheless threefold as to kind, that is to say, profitable, unprofitable, and indeterminate.

Tattha kāmāvacaraṃ somanassupekkhāñāṇasaṅkhārabhedato aṭṭhavidhantiādinā nayena vuttena kusalaviññāṇena sampayuttā kusalā, akusalena sampayuttā akusalā, abyākatena sampayuttā abyākatāti veditabbā.
Ñ: Herein, it should be understood that when associated with the profitable consciousness described in the way beginning '(1)-(8) That of the sense sphere is eightfold, being classified according to joy, equanimity, knowledge, and prompting' (§83), it is profitable; that associated with unprofitable consciousness is unprofitable', that associated with indeterminate consciousness is indeterminate. [461]

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