Visuddhimagga XIV-2

422. Tatridaṃ vissajjanaṃ, kā paññāti paññā bahuvidhā nānappakārā. Taṃ sabbaṃ vibhāvayituṃ ārabbhamānaṃ vissajjanaṃ adhippetañceva atthaṃ na sādheyya, uttari ca vikkhepāya saṃvatteyya, tasmā idha adhippetameva sandhāya vadāma. Kusalacittasampayuttaṃ vipassanāñāṇaṃ paññā.
慧有多种多样。如果一开头便去说明 一切来作详细的解答,不但不能达到其说明的目的,反使更陷于混乱。为了这种关系,所以我在这里只说「与善心相应的观智」为慧。
Ñ(XIV,2): Here are the answers:
(i) WHAT IS UNDERSTANDING? Understanding (paññā) is of many sorts and has various aspects. An answer that attempted to explain it all would accomplish neither its intention nor its purpose, and would, besides, lead to distraction; so we shall confine ourselves to the kind intended here, which is understanding consisting in insight knowledge associated with profitable consciousness.

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