Visuddhimagga XIII-60

Ayaṃ pana viseso, yathā tattha dutiyasūriyo, evamidha kappavināsanatthaṃ vāto samuṭṭhāti.
Ñ(XIII,60): There is this difference, however. While in the first case there was a second sun, here a wind arises in order to destroy the aeon.

So paṭhamaṃ thūlarajaṃ uṭṭhāpeti.
Ñ: First of all it lifts up the coarse flue,

Tato saṇharajaṃ sukhumavālikaṃ thūlavālikaṃ sakkharapāsāṇādayoti yāva kūṭāgāramatte pāsāṇe visamaṭṭhāne ṭhitamahārukkhe ca uṭṭhāpeti.
以后则吹起软尘,细沙,粗沙,石子,大石,[PTS 421] 乃至像重阁一样大的岩石及生在不平之处的大树等。
Ñ: then the fine flue, then the fine sand, coarse sand, gravel, stones, etc., [421] until it lifts up stones as big as a catafalque, and great trees standing in uneven places.

Te pathavito nabhamuggatā na ca puna patanti.
Ñ: They are swept from the earth up into the sky, and instead of falling down again

Tattheva cuṇṇavicuṇṇā hutvā abhāvaṃ gacchanti.
Ñ: they are broken to bits there and cease to exist.

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