Visuddhimagga XIII-74

Yo hi cutimattameva passati, na upapātaṃ.
Ñ(XIII,74): One who sees only passing away and not reappearance

So ucchedadiṭṭhiṃ gaṇhāti.
Ñ: assumes the annihilation view;

Yo upapātamattameva passati, na cutiṃ, so navasattapātubhāvadiṭṭhiṃ gaṇhāti.
Ñ: and one who sees only reappearance and not passing away assumes the view that a new being appears.

Yo pana tadubhayaṃ passati, so yasmā duvidhampi taṃ diṭṭhigataṃ ativattati.
Ñ: But since one who sees both outstrips that twofold [false] view,

Tasmāssa taṃdassanaṃ diṭṭhivisuddhihetu hoti.
Ñ: that vision of his is therefore a cause for purification of view.

Ubhayampi cetaṃ buddhaputtā passanti.
佛子是见死与生两种的。[PTS 424]
Ñ: And the Buddhas' sons see both of these.

Tena vuttaṃ ‘‘cutūpapātadassanena diṭṭhivisuddhihetuttā visuddha’’nti.
Ñ: Hence it was said above: [424] 'It is "purified" since it is a cause of purification of view, owing to seeing passing away and reappearance'.

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