Visuddhimagga XIII-64

409. Kiṃkāraṇā evaṃ loko vinassati? Akusalamūlakāraṇā.
Ñ(XIII,64): What is the reason for the world's destruction in this way? The [three] roots of the unprofitable are the reason.

Akusalamūlesu hi ussannesu evaṃ loko vinassati.
Ñ: When any one of the roots of the unprofitable becomes conspicuous, the world is destroyed accordingly.

So ca kho rāge ussannatare agginā vinassati.
Ñ: When greed is more conspicuous, it is destroyed by fire.

Dose ussannatare udakena vinassati.
Ñ: When hate is more conspicuous, it is destroyed by water—

Keci pana dose ussannatare agginā.
Ñ: though some say that it is destroyed by fire when hate is more conspicuous,

Rāge ussannatare udakenāti vadanti.
Ñ: and by water when greed is more conspicuous.

Mohe ussannatare vātena vinassati.
Ñ: And when delusion is more conspicuous, it is destroyed by wind.

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