Visuddhimagga XIII-76

Cavamāne upapajjamāneti ettha cutikkhaṇe upapattikkhaṇe vā dibbacakkhunā daṭṭhuṃ na sakkā.
Ñ(XIII,76): Passing away and reappearing: he cannot see them with the divine eye actually at the death moment of reappearance.

Ye pana āsannacutikā idāni cavissanti, te cavamānā.
Ñ: But it is those who, being on the verge of death, will die now that are intended as 'passing away'

Ye ca gahitapaṭisandhikā sampatinibbattāva, te upapajjamānāti adhippetā.
Ñ: and those who have taken rebirth-linking and have just reappeared that are intended by 'reappearing'.

Te evarūpe cavamāne ca upapajjamāne ca passatīti dasseti.
Ñ: What is pointed out is that he sees them as such passing away and reappearing.

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