Visuddhimagga XIII-68

Tattha evaṃvaṇṇoti odāto vā sāmo vā.
Ñ(XIII,68): Here, with such an appearance means fair or dark.

Evamāhāroti sālimaṃsodanāhāro vā pavattaphalabhojano vā.
Ñ: Such was my food: with white rice and meat dishes as food or with windfall fruits as food.

Evaṃ sukhadukkhapaṭisaṃvedīti anekappakārena kāyikacetasikānaṃ sāmisanirāmisādippabhedānaṃ vā sukhadukkhānaṃ paṭisaṃvedī.
Ñ: Such my experience of pleasure and pain: with varied experience of bodily and mental pleasure and pain classed as worldly and unworldly, and so on.

Evamāyupariyantoti evaṃ vassasataparimāṇāyupariyanto vā caturāsītikappasatasahassāyupariyanto vā.
Ñ: Such the end of my life span: with such a life span of a century or life span of eighty-four thousand aeons.

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