Visuddhimagga XIII-67

Evaṃnāmoti tisso vā phusso vā.
Ñ(XIII,67): So named: [such forenames as] Tissa, say, or Phussa.

Evaṃgottoti kaccāno vā kassapo vā.
Ñ: Of such a race: [such family names as] Kaccāna, say, or Kassapa.

Idamassa atītabhave attano nāmagottānussaraṇavasena vuttaṃ.
Ñ: This is said of the recollection of his own name and race (surname) in his past existence.

Sace pana tasmiṃ kāle attano vaṇṇasampattiṃ vā lūkhapaṇītajīvikabhāvaṃ vā sukhadukkhabahulataṃ vā appāyukadīghāyukabhāvaṃ vā anussaritukāmo hoti, tampi anussaratiyeva.
Ñ: But if he wants to recollect his own appearance at that time, or whether his life was a rough or refined one, or whether pleasure or pain was prevalent, or whether his life span was short or long, he recollects that too.

Tenāha ‘‘evaṃvaṇṇo…pe… evamāyupariyanto’’ti.
Ñ: Hence he said with such an appearance … such the end of my life span.

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