Visuddhimagga XIII-75

Manussūpacāraṃ atikkamitvā rūpadassanena atikkantamānusakaṃ, mānusakaṃ vā maṃsacakkhuṃ atikkantattā atikkantamānusakanti veditabbaṃ.
Ñ(XIII,75): It surpasses the human in the seeing of visible objects by surpassing the human environment. Or it can be understood that it surpasses the human in surpassing the human fleshly eye.

Tena dibbena cakkhunā visuddhena atikkantamānusakena.
Ñ: With that divine eye, which is purified and superhuman, he sees beings,

Satte passatīti manussānaṃ maṃsacakkhunā viya satte oloketi.
Ñ: he watches beings as men do with the fleshly eye.

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