Visuddhimagga XIII-66

410. Pubbenivāsaṃ anussarantopi ca kappānussaraṇako bhikkhu etesu kappesu anekepi saṃvaṭṭakappe anekepi vivaṭṭakappe anekepi saṃvaṭṭavivaṭṭakappe anussarati.
Ñ(XIII,66): Now when a bhikkhu capable of recollecting aeons is recollecting his former life, then of such aeons as these he recollects many aeons of world contraction, many aeons of world expansion, many aeons of world contraction and expansion.

Kathaṃ? ‘‘Amutrāsi’’ntiādinā (dī. ni. 1.244) nayena.
Ñ: How? In the way beginning There I was …

Tattha amutrāsinti amumhi saṃvaṭṭakappe ahaṃ amumhi bhave vā yoniyā vā gatiyā vā viññāṇaṭṭhitiyā vā sattāvāse vā sattanikāye vā āsiṃ.
Ñ: Herein, There I was: in that aeon of contraction I was in that kind of becoming or generation or destiny or station of consciousness or abode of beings or order of beings.

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