Visuddhimagga XIII-28

404. Tattha ekampi jātinti ekampi paṭisandhimūlaṃ cutipariyosānaṃ ekabhavapariyāpannaṃ khandhasantānaṃ.


Ñ(XIII,28): Herein, one birth is the continuity of aggregates included in a single becoming starting with rebirth-linking and ending with death.

Esa nayo dvepi jātiyotiādīsupi.


Ñ: So too with two births, and the rest.

Anekepi saṃvaṭṭakappetiādīsu pana parihāyamāno kappo saṃvaṭṭakappo, vaḍḍhamāno vivaṭṭakappoti veditabbo.


Ñ: But in the case of many aeons of world contraction, etc., it should be understood that the aeon of world contraction is an aeon of diminution and the aeon of world expansion is an aeon of increase.

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