Visuddhimagga XIII-29

Tattha saṃvaṭṭena saṃvaṭṭaṭṭhāyī gahito hoti, taṃmūlakattā.


Ñ(XIII,29): Herein, what supersedes the contraction is included in the contraction since it is rooted in it;

Vivaṭṭena ca vivaṭṭaṭṭhāyī,


Ñ: and so too what supersedes the expansion is included in the expansion.

evañhi sati yāni tāni ‘‘cattārimāni, bhikkhave, kappassa asaṅkhyeyyāni.


Ñ: This being so, it includes what is stated thus: 'Bhikkhus, there are four incalculables of the aeon.

Katamāni cattāri?


Ñ: What four?

Saṃvaṭṭo, saṃvaṭṭaṭṭhāyī, vivaṭṭo, vivaṭṭaṭṭhāyīti (a. ni. 4.156 thokaṃ visadisaṃ) vuttāni, tāni pariggahitāni honti.


Ñ: The contraction, what supersedes the contraction, the expansion, and what supersedes the expansion' (A.ii,142 abbreviated).

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