Visuddhimagga XIII-50

Tato nesaṃ bhājanāni uppajjanti.
Ñ(XIII,50): Then vessels appear.

Te sāliṃ bhājane ṭhapetvā pāsāṇapiṭṭhiyā ṭhapenti, sayameva jālasikhā uṭṭhahitvā taṃ pacati.
Ñ: They put the rice into the vessels, which they put on the tops of stones. A flame appears spontaneously and cooks it.

So hoti odano sumanajātipupphasadiso, na tassa sūpena vā byañjanena vā karaṇīyaṃ atthi.
Ñ: The cooked rice resembles jasmine flowers. It has no need of sauces and curries,

Yaṃ yaṃ rasaṃ bhuñjitukāmā honti, taṃ taṃ rasova hoti.
Ñ: since it has whatever flavour they want to taste.

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