Visuddhimagga XIII-33

Evaṃ dīghe addhāne vītivatte tattha tattha udakaṃ parikkhayaṃ gacchati,


Ñ(XIII,33): When a long period has passed in this way, the water gives out here and there.

athānupubbena macchakacchapāpi kālaṅkatvā brahmaloke nibbattanti, nerayikasattāpi.


Ñ: Then in due course the fishes and turtles die and are reborn in the Brahmā-world, and so are the beings in hell.

Tattha nerayikā sattamasūriyapātubhāve vinassantīti eke.


Ñ: Some say that the denizens of hell perish there with the appearance of the seventh sun (§41).

Jhānaṃ vinā natthi brahmaloke nibbatti,


Ñ: Now there is no rebirth in the Brahmā-world without jhāna;

etesañca keci dubbhikkhapīḷitā keci abhabbā jhānādhigamāya,


Ñ: and some of them, being obsessed with the scarcity of food, are unable to attain jhāna,

te kathaṃ tattha nibbattantīti.


Ñ: so how are they reborn there?

Devaloke paṭiladdhajjhānavasena.


Ñ: By means of jhāna obtained in the [sense-sphere] divine world.

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