Visuddhimagga XIII-38

Tatopi dīghassa addhuno accayena catuttho sūriyo pātubhavati.
Ñ(XIII,38): After that, at the end of a long period, a fourth sun appears.

Yassa pātubhāvā himavati mahānadīnaṃ pabhavā ‘‘sīhapapāto haṃsapātano kaṇṇamuṇḍako rathakāradaho anotattadaho chaddantadaho kuṇāladaho’’ti ime satta mahāsarā sussanti.
Ñ: And when that has appeared, the seven great lakes in Himalaya, the sources of the great rivers, dry up, that is to say, Sīhapapāta, Haṃsapātana, Kaṇṇamuṇḍaka, Rathakāra, Anotatta, Chaddanta, and Kuṇāla.

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