Visuddhimagga XIII-25

Yasmā pana purimabhave nāmarūpaṃ asesaṃ niruddhaṃ aññaṃ uppannaṃ, tasmā taṃ ṭhānaṃ āhundarikaṃ andhatamamiva hoti duddasaṃ duppaññena.


Ñ(XIII,25): But the mentality-materiality in the previous existence has ceased without remainder and another has arisen, and consequently that instance is, as it were, shut away in darkness, and it is hard for one of little understanding to see it.

Tenāpi ‘‘na sakkomahaṃ paṭisandhiṃ ugghāṭetvā cutikkhaṇe pavattitanāmarūpamārammaṇaṃ kātu’’nti dhuranikkhepo na kātabbo.


Ñ: Still he should not give up the task, thinking 'I am unable to remove the rebirth-linking and make the mentality-materiality that occurred at the death moment my object'.

Tadeva pana pādakajjhānaṃ punappunaṃ samāpajjitabbaṃ.


Ñ: On the contrary, he should again and again attain that same basic jhāna,

Tato ca vuṭṭhāya vuṭṭhāya taṃ ṭhānaṃ āvajjitabbaṃ.


Ñ: and each time he emerges he should advert to that instance.

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