Visuddhimagga XIII-51

Tesaṃ taṃ oḷārikaṃ āhāraṃ āharayataṃ tato pabhuti muttakarīsaṃ sañjāyati.
Ñ(XIII,51): As soon as they eat this gross food, urine and excrement appear in them.

Atha nesaṃ tassa nikkhamanatthāya vaṇamukhāni pabhijjanti,
Ñ: Then wound orifices break open in them to let these things out.

purisassa purisabhāvo,
Ñ: The male sex appears in the male,

itthiyāpi itthibhāvo pātubhavati.
Ñ: and the female sex in the female.

Tatra sudaṃ itthī purisaṃ, puriso ca itthiṃ ativelaṃ upanijjhāyati.
Ñ: Then the females brood over the males, and the males over the females for a long time.

Tesaṃ ativelaṃ upanijjhāyanapaccayā kāmapariḷāho uppajjati.
Ñ: Owing to this long period of brooding, the fever of sense desires arises.

Tato methunadhammaṃ paṭisevanti.
于是便行淫欲之法。[PTS 419]
Ñ: After that they practise sexual intercourse.

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