Visuddhimagga XIII-44

Tadā ca ābhassarabrahmaloke paṭhamatarābhinibbattā sattā āyukkhayā vā puññakkhayā vā tato cavitvā idhūpapajjanti.
Ñ(XIII,44): Then the beings that were reborn first in the Brahmā-world of Streaming-radiance (Ābhassara) fall from there with the exhaustion of their life span, or when their merit is exhausted, and they reappear here.

Te honti sayaṃpabhā antalikkhacarā.
Ñ: They are self-luminous and wander in the sky.

Te aggaññasutte (dī. ni. 3.119) vuttanayena taṃ rasapathaviṃ sāyitvā taṇhābhibhūtā āluppakārakaṃ paribhuñjituṃ upakkamanti.
Ñ: On eating the essential humus, as is told in the Aggañña Sutta (D.iii,85), they are overcome by craving, and they busy themselves in making lumps of it to eat.

Atha nesaṃ sayaṃpabhā antaradhāyati, andhakāro hoti.
Ñ: Then their self-luminosity vanishes, and it is dark.

Te andhakāraṃ disvā bhāyanti.
Ñ: They are frightened when they see the darkness.

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