Visuddhimagga XIII-24

Eteneva upāyena dasavassāni vīsativassānīti yāva imasmiṃ bhave attano paṭisandhi, tāva āvajjantena purimabhave cutikkhaṇe pavattitanāmarūpaṃ āvajjitabbaṃ.

以这样的方法而念十年二十年乃至在此生的自己的结生的人,[PTS 413] 他当忆念在前生的死的剎那所行的名色。

Ñ(XIII,24): When by these means he adverts to ten years, twenty years, and so on as far back as his own rebirth-linking in this existence, [413] he should advert to the mentality-materiality occurring at the moment of death in the preceding existence;

Pahoti hi paṇḍito bhikkhu paṭhamavāreneva paṭisandhiṃ ugghāṭetvā cutikkhaṇe nāmarūpamārammaṇaṃ kātuṃ.


Ñ: for a wise bhikkhu is able at the first attempt to remove the rebirth-linking and make the mentality-materiality at the death moment his object.

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