Visuddhimagga XIV-46

435. Evaṃ kammavisesato visesavantesu ca etesu cakkhusotāni asampattavisayagāhakāni, attano nissayaṃ anallīnanissaye eva visaye viññāṇahetuttā.
Ñ(XIV,46): Now among these [sensitivities thus] possessed of difference due to difference of kamma, the eye and the ear apprehend non-contiguous objective fields, since consciousness is caused even if the supporting [primaries] of the objective fields do not adhere to the [faculties'] own supporting primaries.

Ghānajivhākāyā sampattavisayagāhakā, nissayavasena ceva, sayañca, attano nissayaṃ allīneyeva visaye viññāṇahetuttā.
Ñ: The nose, tongue and body apprehend contiguous objective fields, because consciousness is caused only if their objective fields' [primaries] adhere to their own supporting [primaries], [that is to say, if the objective fields' primaries adhere] as support [in the case of odours and flavours], and themselves [directly in the case of tangible data, which are identical with the three primaries excluding water].

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