Visuddhimagga XIV-60

440. Manodhātumanoviññāṇadhātūnaṃ nissayalakkhaṇaṃ hadayavatthu, tāsaññeva dhātūnaṃ ādhāraṇarasaṃ, ubbahanapaccupaṭṭhānaṃ.
Ñ(XIV,60): 13. The heart-basis has the characteristic of being the (material) support for the mind-element and for the mind-consciousness-element. Its function is to observe them. It is manifested as the carrying of them.

Hadayassa anto kāyagatāsatikathāyaṃ vuttappakāraṃ lohitaṃ nissāya sandhāraṇādikiccehi bhūtehi katūpakāraṃ utucittāhārehi upatthambhiyamānaṃ āyunā anupāliyamānaṃ manodhātumanoviññāṇadhātūnañceva taṃsampayuttadhammānañca vatthubhāvaṃ sādhayamānaṃ tiṭṭhati.
Ñ: It is to be found in dependence on the blood, of the kind described in the treatise on mindfulness of the body (Ch.VIII, § 111), inside the heart. It is assisted by the primaries with their functions of upholding, etc.; it is consolidated by temperature, consciousness, and nutriment; it is maintained by life; and it serves as physical basis for the mind-element and mind-consciousness-element, and for the states associated with them.

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