Visuddhimagga XIV-51

Sasambhārajivhāmajjhassa upari uppaladalaggasaṇṭhāne padese jivhā yathāvuttappakārupakārupatthambhanānupālanaparivārā jivhāviññāṇādīnaṃ yathārahaṃ vatthudvārabhāvaṃ sādhayamānā tiṭṭhati.
Ñ(XIV,51): 4. The tongue [sensitivity] is to be found in the middle of the [feature of the] tongue with its accessories in the place shaped like a lotus petal tip. It has assistance, consolidation and maintenance in the way aforesaid; and it duly serves both as physical basis and as door for tongue-consciousness, and the rest.

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