Visuddhimagga XIV-69

Paribhedalakkhaṇā rūpassa aniccatā, saṃsīdanarasā, khayavayapaccupaṭṭhānā, paribhijjamānarūpapadaṭṭhānā.
[PTS 450] (二十三)「色无常性」──有(色的)坏灭的特相。有(色的)沉没的作用。以(色的)灭尽为现状。以受坏灭的色为近因。
Ñ(XIV,69): 23. Impermanence of matter has the characteristic of complete breaking up. Its function is to make material instances subside. It is manifested as destruction and fall (cf. Dhs. §645). Its proximate cause is matter that is completely breaking up.

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