Visuddhimagga XIV-76

449. Puna diṭṭhādirūparūpādivatthādicatukkavasena catubbidhaṃ.
Ñ(XIV,76): Again, it is of four kinds as seen, etc., as concrete matter, etc., and as the physical basis tetrads, and so on.

Tattha rūpāyatanaṃ diṭṭhaṃ nāma dassanavisayattā,
Ñ: Herein, the visible-data base is seen because it is the objective field of seeing.

saddāyatanaṃ sutaṃ nāma savanavisayattā,
Ñ: The sound base is heard because it is the objective field of hearing.

gandharasaphoṭṭhabbattayaṃ mutaṃ nāma sampattagāhakaindriyavisayattā,
Ñ: The three, that is to say, odours, flavours, and tangible data, are sensed (lit. contacted) because they are the objective fields of faculties that take contiguous [objective fields].

sesaṃ viññātaṃ nāma viññāṇasseva visayattāti
Ñ: The rest are cognized because they are the objective field of consciousness (cognition) only.

evaṃ tāva diṭṭhādicatukkavasena catubbidhaṃ.
Ñ: So firstly it is of four kinds according to the seen, etc., tetrad.

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