Visuddhimagga XIV-78

Yaṃ panettha hadayarūpaṃ nāma, taṃ vatthu na dvāraṃ.
Ñ(XIV,78): Here, however, what is called the materiality of the heart is physical basis, not door (see DhsA. 82f.);

Viññattidvayaṃ dvāraṃ na vatthu.
Ñ: the two intimations are door, not physical basis;

Pasādarūpaṃ vatthu ceva dvārañca.
Ñ: sensitive matter is both physical basis and door;

Sesaṃ neva vatthu na dvāranti
Ñ: the rest are neither physical basis nor door.

evaṃ vatthādicatukkavasena catubbidhaṃ.
Ñ: So it is four kinds according to the physical basis tetrad.

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