Visuddhimagga XIV-163

480. Moho cittassa andhabhāvalakkhaṇo, aññāṇalakkhaṇo vā, asampaṭivedharaso, ārammaṇasabhāvacchādanaraso vā, asammāpaṭipattipaccupaṭṭhāno, andhakārapaccupaṭṭhāno vā, ayonisomanasikārapadaṭṭhāno, sabbākusalānaṃ mūlanti daṭṭhabbo.
Ñ(XIV,163): Delusion has the characteristic of blindness, or it has the characteristic of unknowing. Its function is non-penetration, or its function is to conceal the individual essence of an object. It is manifested as the absence of right theory (see Ch. XVII, §52), or it is manifested as darkness. Its proximate cause is unwise (unjustified) attention. It should be regarded as the root of all that is unprofitable.

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