Visuddhimagga XIV-175

Iti ime aṭṭhārasa saṅkhārā paṭhamena dosamūlena sampayogaṃ gacchantīti veditabbā. Yathā ca paṭhamena, evaṃ dutiyenāpi. Sasaṅkhāratā pana aniyatesu ca thinamiddhasambhavova viseso.
Ñ(XIV,175): The rest are of the kind already described. So these eighteen formations should be understood to come into association with the first [unprofitable consciousness] rooted in hate (30). (31) And as with the first (30), so with the second (31), the only difference, however, being promptedness and the presence of stiffness and torpor (xliii) among the inconstant.

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