Visuddhimagga XIV-171

485. Tattha dussanti tena, sayaṃ vā dussati, dussanamattameva vā tanti doso. So caṇḍikkalakkhaṇo pahaṭāsīviso viya, visappanaraso visanipāto viya, attano nissayadahanaraso vā dāvaggi viya. Dūsanapaccupaṭṭhāno laddhokāso viya sapatto, āghātavatthupadaṭṭhāno, visasaṃsaṭṭhapūtimuttaṃ viya daṭṭhabbo.
Ñ(XIV,171): Herein, (xlv) by its means they hate, or it itself hates, or it is just mere hating, thus it is hate (dosa). It has the characteristic of savageness, like a provoked snake. Its function is to spread, like a drop of poison, or its function is to burn up its own support, like a forest fire. It is manifested as persecuting (dūsana), like an enemy who has got his chance. Its proximate cause is the grounds for annoyance (see A.v,150). It should be regarded as like stale urine mixed with poison.

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