Visuddhimagga XIV-168

Tatiyena paṭhame vuttesu ṭhapetvā micchādiṭṭhiṃ avasesā veditabbā. Māno panettha aniyato hoti. Ayaṃ viseso, so uṇṇatilakkhaṇo, sampaggaharaso, ketukamyatāpaccupaṭṭhāno, diṭṭhivippayuttalobhapadaṭṭhāno, ummādo viya daṭṭhabbo.
Ñ(XIV,168): (24) With the third [unprofitable consciousness] (24) there should be understood to be associated those given for the first (22), excepting wrong view (xli). But here the difference is that there is inconstant [occurrence] of (xliv) pride (conceit). That has the characteristic of haughtiness. Its function is arrogance. It is manifested as vaingloriousness. Its proximate cause is greed dissociated from views. It should be regarded as like madness.

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