Visuddhimagga XIV-170

484. Dosamūlesu pana dvīsu paṭhamasampayuttā tāva niyatā sarūpena āgatā ekādasa, yevāpanakā cattāro, aniyatā tayoti aṭṭhārasa.
Ñ(XIV,170): (30)-(31) As regards the two [kinds of unprofitable consciousness] rooted in hate, [470] there are, firstly, eighteen associated with the first (30), that is, eleven constant given in the texts as such, four or-whatever-states, and three inconstant.

Tattha phasso, cetanā, vitakko, vicāro, vīriyaṃ, jīvitaṃ, samādhi, ahirikaṃ, anoppattaṃ, doso, mohoti ime sarūpena āgatā ekādasa (dha. sa. 413; dha. sa. aṭṭha. 413).
Ñ: Herein the eleven given as such are these:
contact (i), volition (ii), applied thought (iii), sustained thought (iv), energy (vi), life (vii),
concentration (viii), consciencelessness (xxxvii), shamelessness (xxxviii), hate (xlv), delusion (xl).

Chando, adhimokkho, uddhaccaṃ, manasikāroti ime yevāpanakā cattāro (dha. sa. aṭṭha. 413).
Ñ: The four or-whatever-states are these:
zeal (xxviii), resolution (xxix), agitation (xlii), attention (xxx).

Issā, macchariyaṃ, kukkuccanti ime aniyatā tayo (dha. sa. aṭṭha. 413).
Ñ: The three inconstant are these:
(xlvi) envy, (xlvii) avarice, (xlviii) worry.

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