Visuddhimagga XIV-196

Etena sabbampi rūpaṃ ruppanalakkhaṇe rāsibhāvūpagamanena rūpakkhandhoti dassitaṃ hoti. Na hi rūpato añño rūpakkhandho nāma atthi.
依于此说,即指一切的色,于变坏的特相中集聚起来为色蕴,并非于色之外另有色蕴。[PTS 474]
Ñ(XIV,196): By this, too, it is shown that the materiality aggregate is all materiality, which all comes into the collection with the characteristic of being molested; for there is no materiality aggregate apart from materiality. [474]

498. Yathā ca rūpaṃ, evaṃ vedanādayopi vedayitalakkhaṇādīsu rāsibhāvūpagamanena. Na hi vedanādīhi aññe vedanākkhandhādayo nāma atthi.
Ñ: And just as in the case of materiality, so also feeling, etc., [are respectively shown as the feeling aggregate, etc.,] since they come under the collections with the [respective] characteristics of being felt, etc.; for there is no feeling aggregate apart from feeling and so on.

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