Visuddhimagga XIV-176

489. Mohamūlesu dvīsu vicikicchāsampayuttena tāva phasso, cetanā, vitakko, vicāro, vīriyaṃ, jīvitaṃ, cittaṭṭhiti, ahirikaṃ, anottappaṃ, moho, vicikicchāti sarūpena āgatā ekādasa (dha. sa. 422; dha. sa. aṭṭha. 422), uddhaccaṃ, manasikāroti yevāpanakā dve cāti terasa.
于痴根的二心中:先说疑相应心(所相应的诸行):[PTS 471]
Ñ(XIV,176): (32)-(33) As regards the two rooted in delusion, firstly: [associated] with [the consciousness that is] associated with uncertainty (32) [471] are the eleven given in the texts as such thus: contact (i), volition (ii), applied thought (iii), sustained thought (iv), energy (vi), life (vii), steadiness of consciousness (xlix), consciencelessness (xxxvii), shamelessness (xxxviii), delusion (xl), uncertainty (l).
The or-whatever-states are these two: agitation (xlii), attention (xxx). And these together total thirteen.

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