Visuddhimagga XIV-177

490. Tattha cittaṭṭhitīti pavattiṭṭhitimatto dubbalo samādhi. Vigatā cikicchāti vicikicchā. Sā saṃsayalakkhaṇā, kampanarasā, anicchayapaccupaṭṭhānā, anekaṃsagāhapaccupaṭṭhānā vā, vicikicchāyaṃ ayonisomanasikārapadaṭṭhānā, paṭipattiantarāyakarāti daṭṭhabbā. Sesā vuttappakārāyeva.
Ñ(XIV,177): Herein, (xlix) steadiness of consciousness is weak concentration (viii) consisting in mere steadiness in occurrence. (l) It is without wish to cure (vigatā cikicchā), thus it is uncertainty (vicikicchā). It has the characteristic of doubt. Its function is to waver. It is manifested as indecisiveness, or it is manifested as taking various sides. Its proximate cause is unwise attention. It should be regarded as obstructive of theory (see Ch. XVII, §52). The rest are as already described.

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