Visuddhimagga XIV-200

500. Sabhāvavasena pana dukkhā vedanā nirassādato, savipphārato, khobhakaraṇato, ubbejanīyato, abhibhavanato ca itarāhi dvīhi oḷārikā, itarā pana dve sātato, santato, paṇītato, manāpato, majjhattato ca yathāyogaṃ dukkhāya sukhumā. Ubho pana sukhadukkhā savipphārato, khobhakaraṇato, pākaṭato ca adukkhamasukhāya oḷārikā, sā vuttavipariyāyena tadubhayato sukhumā. Evaṃ sabhāvavasena oḷārikasukhumatā veditabbā.
Ñ(XIV,200): (b) According to individual essence: painful feeling is gross compared with the others because it is without enjoyment, it involves intervention, causes disturbance, creates anxiety, and is overpowering. The other two are subtle compared with the painful because they are satisfying, peaceful, and superior, and respectively agreeable and neutral. Both the pleasant and the painful are gross compared with the neither-painful-nor-pleasant because they involve intervention, cause disturbance and are obvious. The latter is subtle in the way aforesaid compared with both the former. Thus should grossness and subtlety be understood according to individual essence.

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