Visuddhimagga XIV-227

Vedanaṃ dukkhato passanto phassāhāraṃ parijānāti,
Ñ(XIV,227): One who sees feeling as pain fully understands nutriment consisting of contact.

dukkhe sukhanti vipallāsaṃ pajahati,
Ñ: He abandons the perversion of perceiving pleasure in the painful.

bhavoghaṃ uttarati,
Ñ: He crosses the flood of becoming.

bhavayogena visaṃyujjati,
Ñ: He is loosed from the bond of becoming.

bhavāsavena anāsavo hoti,
Ñ: He becomes canker-free as regards the canker of becoming.

byāpādakāyaganthaṃ bhindati,
Ñ: He breaks the bodily tie of ill will.

sīlabbatupādānaṃ na upādiyati.
Ñ: He does not cling with rites-and-ritual clinging.

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