Visuddhimagga XV-7

Iti nivāsaṭṭhānaṭṭhena, ākaraṭṭhena, samosaraṇaṭṭhānaṭṭhena, sañjātidesaṭṭhena, kāraṇaṭṭhenacāti imehipi kāraṇehi ete dhammā āyatanaṃ āyatananti vuccanti.
Ñ(XV,7): So for these reasons too these things are called 'bases' in the sense of place of abode, store, meeting place, locality of birth, and reason.

Tasmā yathāvuttena atthena cakkhu ca taṃ āyatanañcāti cakkhāyatanaṃ…pe… dhammā ca te āyatanañcāti dhammāyatananti
Ñ: Consequently, in the sense already stated, it is an eye and that is a base, thus it is the eye base. … They are mental data and those are a base, thus they are the mental-data base.

evaṃ tāvettha atthato viññātabbo vinicchayo.
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be known here as to meaning.

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