Visuddhimagga XV-12

Apica viññāṇuppattikāraṇavavatthānatopi ayametesaṃ kamo veditabbo.
Ñ(XV,12): Furthermore, their order may be understood as that in which the reasons for consciousness's arising are defined;

Vuttañhetaṃ ‘‘cakkhuñca paṭicca rūpe ca uppajjati cakkhuviññāṇaṃ…pe… manañca paṭicca dhamme ca uppajjati manoviññāṇa’’nti (ma. ni. 3.421; saṃ. ni. 2.43).
Ñ: and it is said: 'Due to eye and to visible objects eye-consciousness arises, … due to mind and mental objects mind-consciousness arises' (M.i,111).

Evaṃ kamatopettha viññātabbo vinicchayo.
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be known here as to order.

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