Visuddhimagga XIV-212

Tesu idha uppattikkamo tāva na yujjati, kalalādīnaṃ viya khandhānaṃ pubbāpariyavavatthānena anuppattito.
Ñ(XIV,212): Of these, firstly, order of arising is not applicable here because the aggregates do not arise in the order in which they are successively dealt with, as is the case with 'the fetus in the first stage', etc.,

Na pahānakkamo, kusalābyākatānaṃ appahātabbato.
Ñ: nor is order of abandoning applicable, because the profitable and indeterminate are not to be abandoned;

Napaṭipattikkamo, akusalānaṃ appaṭipajjanīyato.
Ñ: nor is order of practice, because what is unprofitable is not to be practised;

Na bhūmikkamo, vedanādīnaṃ catubhūmipariyāpannattā.
Ñ: nor is order of plane, because feeling, etc., are included in all four planes.

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