Visuddhimagga XV-10

cakkhuviññāṇavīthipariyāpannassa hi viññāṇakāyassa cakkhāyatanameva uppattidvāraṃ, rūpāyatanameva cārammaṇaṃ, tathā itarāni itaresaṃ.
Ñ(XV,10): For only the eye base is the door of arising, and only the visible-data base is the object, of the consciousness group comprised in a cognitive series containing eye-consciousness. Likewise the others for the others.

Chaṭṭhassa pana bhavaṅgamanasaṅkhāto manāyatanekadesova uppattidvāraṃ, asādhāraṇameva ca dhammāyatanaṃ ārammaṇanti.
Ñ: But only one part of the mind base, in other words, the life-continuum mind, is the door of arising, and only the mental-data base not common to all is the object, of the sixth [consciousness group].

Iti channaṃ viññāṇakāyānaṃ uppattidvārārammaṇavavatthānato dvādasa vuttānīti
Ñ: So they are called 'the twelve' because they define door-cum-object for the arising of the six consciousness groups.

evamettha tāvatvato viññātabbo vinicchayo.
Ñ: This is how the exposition should be known here as to just so much.

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