Visuddhimagga XIV-216

506. Anūnādhikatoti kasmā pana bhagavatā pañceva khandhā vuttā anūnā anadhikāti.
Ñ(XIV,216): 3. As to neither less nor more: but why are five aggregates, neither less nor more, mentioned by the Blessed One?

Sabbasaṅkhatasabhāgekasaṅgahato attattaniyagāhavatthussa etaparamato aññesañca tadavarodhato.
Ñ: (a) Because all formed things that resemble each other fall into these groups, (b) because that is the widest limit as the basis for the assumption of self and what pertains to self, and (c) because of the inclusion by them of the other sorts of aggregates.

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