Visuddhimagga XIV-204

Tasmā yathā jātiādivasena sambhedo na hoti, tathā vedanānaṃ oḷārikasukhumatā veditabbā.
Ñ(XIV,204): Therefore feeling's grossness and subtlety should be understood in such a way that there is no mixing up of the classifications according to kind and so on.

Seyyathidaṃ – abyākatā jātivasena kusalākusalāhi sukhumā. Tattha katamā abyākatā? Kiṃ dukkhā? Kiṃ sukhā? Kiṃ samāpannassa? Kiṃ asamāpannassa? Kiṃ sāsavā? Kiṃ anāsavāti? Evaṃ sabhāvādibhedo na parāmasitabbo. Esa nayo sabbattha.
Ñ: For instance, [when it is said] 'The indeterminate according to kind is subtle compared with the profitable and the unprofitable', the individual-essence class, etc., must not be insisted upon like this: 'Which kind of indeterminate? Is it the painful? Is it the pleasant? Is it that in one with an attainment? Is it that in one with no attainment? Is it that subject to cankers? Is it that free from cankers?', and so in each instance.

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