Visuddhimagga XIV-219

Yepi caññe sīlādayo pañca dhammakkhandhā vuttā, tepi saṅkhārakkhandhe pariyāpannattā ettheva avarodhaṃ gacchanti.
Ñ(XIV,219): (c) And also, since those other [sorts of aggregates] stated as the five aggregates of things beginning with virtue are comprised within the formations aggregate, they are included here too.

Tasmā aññesaṃ tadavarodhatopi pañceva vuttāti evaṃ anūnādhikato vinicchayanayo viññātabbo.
Ñ: Therefore they are stated as five because they include the other sorts. This is how the exposition should be known as to neither less nor more.

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