Visuddhimagga XIV-209

503. Dūrapadaṃ pana ‘‘akusalā vedanā kusalābyākatāhi vedanāhi dūre’’. Santikepadaṃ ‘‘akusalā vedanā akusalāya vedanāya santike’’tiādinā nayena vibhaṅge vibhattaṃ. Tasmā akusalā vedanā visabhāgato, asaṃsaṭṭhato, asarikkhato ca kusalābyākatāhi dūre, tathā kusalābyākatā akusalāya.
Ñ(XIV,209): [(x)-(xi) The word far is explained in the Vibhaṅga in the way beginning 'The unprofitable is far from the profitable and indeterminate' (Vbh. 4) and the word near in the way beginning 'Unprofitable feeling is near to unprofitable feeling' (Vbh. 4). Therefore, unprofitable feeling is far from the profitable and the indeterminate because of dissimilarity, unconnectedness, and non-resemblance. The profitable and the indeterminate are likewise far from the unprofitable.

Esa nayo sabbavāresu.
Ñ: And so in all instances.

Akusalā pana vedanā sabhāgato, sarikkhato ca akusalāya santiketi.
Ñ: But unprofitable feeling is near to unprofitable feeling because of similarity and resemblance.

Idaṃ vedanākkhandhassa atītādivibhāge vitthārakathāmukhaṃ.
Ñ: This is the section of the detailed explanation dealing with the past, etc., classifications of the feeling aggregate.

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