Visuddhimagga XIV-201

501. Puggalavasena pana asamāpannassa vedanā nānārammaṇe vikkhittabhāvato samāpannassa vedanāya oḷārikā, vipariyāyena itarā sukhumā. Evaṃ puggalavasena oḷārikasukhumatā veditabbā.
(三)「依人」说:不入定者的受,因对种种的所缘而散乱,故比较入定者的受为粗。与此相反的(入定者的受)则为细,如是当依人而知粗细。[PTS 475]
Ñ(XIV,201): (c) According to person: feeling in one who has no attainment is gross compared with that in one who has one, because it is distracted by a multiple object. In the opposite sense the other is subtle. This is how grossness and subtlety should be understood according to person. [475]

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