Visuddhimagga VI-45

112. Tattha sandhitoti asītisatasandhito.


Ñ(VI,45): Herein, (7) by its joints is [properly] by its hundred and eighty joints.

Uddhumātake pana kathaṃ asītisatasandhayo vavatthapessati.


Ñ: But how can he define the hundred and eighty joints in the bloated?

Tasmānena tayo dakkhiṇahatthasandhī, tayo vāmahatthasandhī, tayo dakkhiṇapādasandhī, tayo vāmapādasandhī, eko gīvasandhi, eko kaṭisandhīti evaṃ cuddasamahāsandhivasena sandhito vavatthapetabbaṃ.


Ñ: Consequently he can define it by its fourteen major joints thus: Three joints in the right arm, three in the left arm, three in the right leg, three in the left leg, one neck joint, one waist joint.

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