Visuddhimagga VI-83


121. Etesu hi yattha katthaci adhigatajjhāno suvikkhambhitarāgattā vītarāgo viya nilloluppacāro hoti.


Ñ(VI,83): One who has reached jhāna in any one of these goes free from cupidity; he resembles [an Arahant] without greed because his greed has been well suppressed.

Evaṃ santepi yvāyaṃ asubhappabhedo vutto, so sarīrasabhāvappattivasena ca rāgacaritabhedavasena cāti veditabbo.


Ñ: At the same time, however, this classification of foulness should be understood as stated in accordance with the particular individual essences successively reached by the [dead] body and also in accordance with the particular subdivisions of the greedy temperament.

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