Visuddhimagga VI-90

Dantakaṭṭhamukhadhovanādīhi panettha dantamalādīni pamajjitvā nānāvatthehi hirikopīnaṃ paṭicchādetvā nānāvaṇṇena surabhivilepanena vilimpitvā pupphābharaṇādīhi alaṅkaritvā ‘‘ahaṃ mama’’nti gahetabbākārappattaṃ karonti.


Ñ(VI,90): But by rubbing out the stains on its teeth with tooth sticks and mouth-washing and all that, by concealing its private parts under several cloths, by daubing it with various scents and salves, by pranking it with nosegays and such things, it is worked up into a state that permits of its being taken as 'I' and 'mine'.

Tato iminā āgantukena alaṅkārena paṭicchannattā tadassa yāthāvasarasaṃ asubhalakkhaṇaṃ asañjānantā purisā itthīsu, itthiyo ca purisesu ratiṃ karonti.


Ñ: So men delight in women and women in men without perceiving the true nature of its characteristic foulness, now masked by this adventitious adornment.

Paramatthato panettha rajjitabbakayuttaṭṭhānaṃ nāma aṇumattampi natthi.


Ñ: But in the ultimate sense there is no place here even the size of an atom fit to lust after.

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