Visuddhimagga VI-49

Samantatoti sabbaṃ sarīraṃ samantato vavatthapetabbaṃ.


Ñ(VI,49): (11) All round: the whole body should be defined all round.

Sakalasarīre ñāṇaṃ cāretvā yaṃ ṭhānaṃ vibhūtaṃ hutvā upaṭṭhāti, tattha ‘‘uddhumātakaṃ uddhumātaka’’nti cittaṃ ṭhapetabbaṃ.


Ñ: After working over the whole body with knowledge, he should establish his mind thus, 'The bloated, the bloated', upon any part that appears clearly to him.

Sace evampi na upaṭṭhāti, udarapariyosānaṃ atirekaṃ uddhumātakaṃ hoti, tattha ‘‘uddhumātakaṃ uddhumātaka’’nti cittaṃ ṭhapetabbaṃ.


Ñ: If it has not appeared even yet, and if there is special intensity of the bloatedness in the belly, he should establish his mind thus, 'The bloated, the bloated', on that.

Ñ's notes: 'Udara-pariyosānaṃ uparisarīraṃ' (Pm. 172). Pariyosāna here means 'intensity' though normally it means 'end'; but see P.T.S. Dict. pariyosita.

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